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Sex video of beautiful girl Ao Akagi working as a secretary for her boss, her older sister, to help her. Therefore, in the company Ao Akagi is always favored. But this affects other people's work, as well as colleagues feel it's unfair that they have to put in a lot of effort to work, while Ao Akagi just takes it slow and nothing happens. So all the male employees were very upset about Ao Akagi but couldn't do anything about it. Another day during class, a group of male employees were cursed by the boss in front of Ao Akagi. This made them so angry that they tried to rape the boss's sister, Ao Akagi, right in the company in retaliation. this... After the rape, they threatened Ao Akagi so that the boss's sister had to be a sex slave for all the male employees in the company. Every time my boss scolds me, it's Ao Akagi.

Vietsub's boss's slutty secretary
Vietsub's boss's slutty secretary
 Quick Link: sex1.javhd.contact/97 
 Actor: Ao Akagi 
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